AI Powered Smart Worksheets for Nursery to Class 5

1. Artificial Intelligence powered Smart Math and English Worksheets

2. Colourful Worksheets

3. National Education Policy aligned Worksheets

4. Re-usable Worksheets

5. Age group - Kids between 5 to 11 Years

Built by Parents for Parents.

Developed by a team from IITs, BITS Pilani and IIMs.

How will BlendED Smart AI Worksheet help my child?

Is this your child?

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Immersive Learning Experiences with Veda, our AI teacher.

We force our kids to sit and study everyday.

Veda, our AI instructor, turns learning into an fun, immersive and interactive experience.

Most of the time, children do 4 worksheets every day without parent involvement.

"Zero" Screen Time

Kids' health is badly affected by more screen time with phones, tablets, laptops etc.

We help in reducing their screen addiction.

Stress on Writing

A second standard student is also typing these days.

Writing helps improve memory. Writing is same as reading 100 times. With writing, we help kids learn more effectively.

Because Kids ❤️ Smart AI Worksheets

Why 1000s of parents love BlendED?

  • Priyanka Reddy

    My child has always been on the screen learning due to the pandemic, and I wished there were offline activities which does not affect his health. BlendED did exactly this.

  • Jyoti Savarkar

    I was eagerly looking for worksheets that could improve my child's critical thinking. That's when I came across BlendED personalized learning worksheets. My son, Shiv, has shown tremendous progress with these smart worksheets.

  • Meghana Agarwaal

    I was browsing through the internet to get access to various worksheets for my child who is studying in Grade 2, and then I came across BlendED, which had almost everything I was looking for.

Patented Artificial Intelligence Education Technology

5 patents were filed in India. 1 granted, 4 pending.

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  • MeitY

    Ministry of Electronics and Information technology, India

  • Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), Government of India

    Government of India’s flagship initiative to create and promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore

    The leading incubation centre for startups, emerging business and women entrepreneurs in India.

  • Dlabs, Indian School of Business (ISB)

    DLabs hosts a state-of-the-art space for entrepreneurs to interact, engage and collaborate with mentors, investors and academia.

  • Microsoft for Startups

    Brings people, knowledge, and benefits together to help founders at every stage solve startup challenges.

  • AWS Amazon Activate

    Program specifically designed for startups and early stage entrepreneurs that offers the resources needed to get started on AWS.

  • Nvidia Inception Program

    Empowering The World’s CuttingEdge Startups. Highly selective AI startup incubation program by Nvidia.


    Leading early stage venture capital firm in India

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many smart AI worksheets each bundle contains?

    Each grade has one bundle covering Maths and English subjects.

    Every bundle has 100 colourful, interactive and smart AI worksheets designed by expert educators and scientists.

    What does the bundle contain?

    1. 100 smart AI worksheets covering Maths and English subjects.

    2. Magic erasable ink pen.

    3. User manual

    4. Child badge

    5. Stickers

    6. Student badge

    How will this help my child?

    1. Children are spending lots of time with devices like mobiles, laptops etc. It is proven that prolonged screen time affects their health significantly.

    2. Even a 2nd grade student is encouraged to type or chat. The emphasis on writing is reducing day by day. Writing helps them reinforce what they have learnt and retain information for more time.

    3. Our AI teacher, Veda, makes learning completely fun and interactive. Students have to click photos of solved worksheets, and Veda instantly gives feedback, leaderboard rank, unlocks milestones and suggests next worksheets that he can solve.

    Do you have more worksheets I can download from your website?

    We are happy you asked.

    Please visit to download unlimited number of National Education Policy aligned colourful and interactive worksheets designed by our expert educators and scientists.

    Once you purchase the bundle, you get free access to these digital resources as well.

    What is the difference between smart AI worksheets and normal worksheets?

    Smart AI worksheets are not the same as other worksheets you see in the market.

    When the student clicks the photo of the solved worksheet, our AI teacher, Veda, analyses it and provides instant feedback making the experience fun, interactive and habitual.

    This technology is patented.

    It has been developed by a team from IIT, BITS Pilani and IIM.

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