About Us

To make quality education affordable, scalable and accessible to all using Artificial Intelligence.

Our mission

BlendED is on a mission to make quality education affordable and available to everyone using Artificial Intelligence. Interactive AI Worksheets is our first step towards this. Your blessings are needed for us to reach our mission.

Our reach

The people who believe in us are more important than what we do. We provide interactive learning experiences augmented with Artificial Intelligence in over 15 countries and 6 continents. Every parent is unique, every child is special but we are all united by the same goal.

We have over 15500 people who signed up.

1800 are teachers.

150 new members join everyday.

  • Priyanka Reddy

    My child has always been on the screen learning due to the pandemic, and I always just wished that there was some homework which can be done offline to ensure that he doesn’t lose the grip of writing with pen on paper.

  • Meghana Agarwaal

    I was browsing through the internet to get access to various worksheets for my child who is studying in Grade 2, and then I came across BlendED, which had almost everything I was looking for.

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