Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This page is a central hub where parents can always go to with their most common questions.

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How many smart AI worksheets each bundle contains?

Each grade has one bundle covering Maths and English subjects.

Every bundle has 100 colourful, interactive and smart AI worksheets designed by expert educators and scientists.

What does the bundle contain?

1. 100 smart AI worksheets covering Maths and English subjects.

2. Magic erasable ink pen.

3. User manual

4. Child badge

5. Stickers

6. Student badge

How will this help my child?

1. Children are spending lots of time with devices like mobiles, laptops etc. It is proven that prolonged screen time affects their health significantly.

2. Even a 2nd grade student is encouraged to type or chat. The emphasis on writing is reducing day by day. Writing helps them reinforce what they have learnt and retain information for more time.

3. Our AI teacher, Veda, makes learning completely fun and interactive. Students have to click photos of solved worksheets, and Veda instantly gives feedback, leaderboard rank, unlocks milestones and suggests next worksheets that he can solve.

Do you have more worksheets I can download from your website?

We are happy you asked.

Please visit to download unlimited number of National Education Policy aligned colourful and interactive worksheets designed by our expert educators and scientists.

Once you purchase the bundle, you get free access to these digital resources as well.

What is the difference between smart AI worksheets and normal worksheets?

Smart AI worksheets are not the same as other worksheets you see in the market.

When the student clicks the photo of the solved worksheet, our AI teacher, Veda, analyses it and provides instant feedback making the experience fun, interactive and habitual.

This technology is patented.

It has been developed by a team from IIT, BITS Pilani and IIM.